Based on Super Mario Bros. for NES, Super Nukem Bros. is an opportunity to blast alien maggots as Duke in the Mushroom Kingdom! Somehow, Duke crash lands in the Mushroom Kingdom and is greeted with even more pesky aliens. Is Duke dreaming all of this? Is he tripping on magic mushrooms? Who knows! 

Download  (Updated: October 28, 2014) 

Installation instructions:
Create an "autoload" folder in your EDuke32 folder and save the zip file in it. Done. You will need a copy of the "DUKE3D.GRP" file in your EDuke32 folder, too. If you own Duke Nukem 3D: Megaton Edition on Steam, EDuke32 now detects and loads the GRP files from it. 


How to play:

The goal is to make it to the end of each level where the "EXIT" sign is located on the ground, but having fun blasting aliens in the process. The tops and bottoms of the question mark blocks can be shot out or blown open to obtain items, but be careful. Some of the question mark blocks contain pipebombs to replace where coins should be. You can also obtain the items within the question mark blocks by just bumping your head against one or walking across the top of one. 






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